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4 reasons why your candidates should be use video interview Software for you

Many aren’t aware that there is a difference between interviewing your candidates on video platforms and having your candidates video interview for you. Although both have their benefits, only one is guaranteed to make your recruitment process more efficient from day 1
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Interviewing on a video platform is live and demands people on both ends of the screen, by this point you will have gone through a number of steps to reach the ‘live’ interview stage and it still requires your time and attention. Having your applicants video interview for you makes the screening process a more accurate and effective step, without using all your resources to do it! You select some questions for applicants to answer with a short video which is then returned to you for your review and consideration. It is immediate and very simple. 

Screening your applicants the traditional way takes time and resources, reviewing CV’s and scheduling screening calls is a time consuming business, and this is all before you even know of the applicant’s suitability for the role! Having applicants interview for you will considerably reduce the time necessary for these processes and use of your resources, while producing a wealth of benefits in return.

Personal interaction is essential, always has been and always will be, whether that be meeting candidates face to face or over a video platform at some point in the process, this does not eliminate that, it just focuses your attention on the right candidates when you reach that stage. Having your applicants complete an interview for you, answering your questions with a recorded interview will benefit you tenfold, here are just 4 of the reasons why, if you aren’t having your applicants video interview for you, you need to start!

Over the last almost 4 years, Live Jobs - Video Interview Software platform considers that these are the 4 success factors in asking its candidates to use an Asynchronous interview recruitment system.

1. More speed 

By reevaluating your current, time consuming, screening process and replacing it with a more focused step in the process, your journey to placing candidates in a role will dramatically shorten. Efforts will be concentrated on more suitable candidates on a faster journey to securing that position.

Record your questions, and voila, you have a standardized assessment process!

Phone interviews are subject to error, since sticking to the script and asking the exact same questions to each and every candidate can be tougher than it seems. This opens the door for bias and what was supposed to be a fair and equitable process is now flawed.

2. Candidate commitment 

One of the most frustrating elements of recruiting is securing and ensuring commitment from your candidates. More familiarity with using videos over recent months ensures a high response rate. Where before an applicant may not be as comfortable in front of the screen, this is no longer the case. Having your applicants complete the steps of applying with a video screening delivers a greater commitment from the candidate to the role.

3. Diversity

By video screening your applicants, you can ensure that you are considering a diverse set of applicants for each position. This cannot be achieved with just a screening call but can be guaranteed with a video screening interview.

4. Cost reduce 

When weighing up the cost of time and resources spent manually screening your applicants, a more cost effective route is a platform that can guarantee a speedier and more effective placement. Platforms, such as Live Jobs - Video Interview Softeware offer free unlimited screenings, applicants,  job posts and company listings which is a much more comprehensive offer than most other options.

Say goodbye to the endless back and forth with coordinating schedules. Applicants can respond to your videoasks on their own time. All they need is a smartphone or a computer, and they're good to go! With pre-recorded video screening, you save time.

Recruiters can screen more candidates, cast a wider net with shareable links, and identify the best talent faster because the first round of calls isn’t warranted. When considered from start to finish, a notoriously difficult and pricey time to hire process becomes a breeze.

Engage more candidates and interview faster all your candidates with Live Jobs - Video Interview Software. Request free demo today to: livejobs@livejobs.pt and give to your candidates and to your team a new recruitment experience.  


Rui Parafita - CEO

Live Jobs - Video Interview Software®

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