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All the features that you need in a just a simple Video Interviewing Platform

Our Video Interview #Software is easy-to-use, with tools that help you do your job better and recruit all your top talent.
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✔️  Invite and gain more insight on candidates in a fraction of the time by having candidates #selfrecord #video answers to your #interviewquestions (#cvtracking);

✔️  Trust in our #videotechnology and not in CV of your candidates; 

✔️  Increase the productivity of your recruiters; 

✔️  Add users and colleagues from your company;

✔️  Schedule and use our conference call tool to meet all your candidates, no matter where they are.

✔️  Make all your hiring process more richer and fun;

✔️  Comment, rate and give feedback to your candidates;

✔️  Don´t waste more time inviting candidates to do first #interview in your offices or on skype.

Video interviews allow hiring teams to see applicants facial expressions, mannerisms, as well as background indicators, giving HR professionals more well-rounded assessments of the candidates they’re interviewing.

Engage more candidates and interview faster all your candidates with Live Jobs - Video Interview Software. Request free demo today to: livejobs@livejobs.pt and give to your candidates and to your team a new recruitment experience.  


Rui Parafita - CEO

Live Jobs - Video Interview Software®

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