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Do you use Teams or Zoom to interview your candidates in the first stage of process?

When we talk about video conferencing, Teams or Zoom are fantastic tools! There's no denying that. But if you still use these tools to get to know your candidates in 1st stage of process, then you are wasting a lot of time.
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Teams, Zoom and other tools have become part of our daily routine and they are fantastic tools! These tools brought you closer to remote candidates who in normal situations would have to travel to be with you in person for a 5 or 10 minutes talk.

You are a top recruiter and you know that candidates often came to you and after a few seconds you realized that everything had been a waste of time... right?!

These tools have helped to facilitate recruitment processes, but there is a huge difference between video conferencing and technology specialized in video interviews. Here, you can see the main differences.

There are many recruiters and candidates who still resist this type of system, but have not yet realized that this can change the recruiting game for your company, especially at a time when the fight for the best candidates has never been so "wild". If the world has become more smaller in terms of geographic mobility, then Video interviewing is a game-changer for the global hiring process, offering convenience, increased efficiency, improved candidate experience, and more objective evaluations of candidates and give you control over your conversations and save your time, thereby minimizing communication lags.

This one-way interview process used by hundreds of candidates and recruiters around the world it just has the purpose to help on screening process, since, candidates and recruiters do not need to meet at the first stage of the process.

Contrary to Zoom or Teams an asynchronous video is not live-streamed and does not happen in real time. It´s recorded video interview where recruiters define key recruiting questions and candidates can answer in their own time and place.

The asynchronous video interview system by Live Jobs - Video Interview Software lets you invite all your candidates do make a video interview and you can review, comment and rate all candidates in a few minutes. With video interviewing, candidates can complete the interview from the comfort of their own home, reducing stress and making the process more enjoyable. Video Interview Systems can be too a powerful tool in enhancing the candidate experience. For example, by using video in your job postings, interviews, office tours, feedback, and onboarding, you can show candidates that you’re a company that’s willing to go the extra mile to attract and retain the best talent. So why not give it a try? There are multiple reasons for using a video as part of your recruitment strategy. 

Sign up for free today! livejobs@livejobs.pt or select one of the planwithout monthly fees, credit cards, contracts or fees! Use the available credits and all the features of our Platform as you see fit for as long as you want.


Rui Parafita - CEO

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