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How to Invite candidates?

Our software provides our exclusive CV tracking tool. So, you can invite all candidate to do one asynchronous interview in our platform any time and anywhere. With our Video Interviewing software, recruiters can screen more candidates in less time with video technology.
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A video interview is a set of questions that your recruitment team can previously define to get to know your candidates better. The best thing about a video interview is the time it saves your recruitment team; you can watch the completed videos at your convenience, share them with other team members and score candidates accordingly.

They are also extremely convenient for your candidates who can complete the interview in their own time from the comfort of their own home. They are a fantastic way for your brand to connect with your candidates and create an enjoyable interview process for both parties.

Our software provides our exclusive CV tracking tool. Here you can invite any candidate to carry out your asynchronous interview. 

In just a few steps you can make your recruitment process more dynamic, fun and transparent using video. It doesn't matter if you have 1 candidate or 100 or if the candidate comes from LinkedIn, recruitment email or another job portal.

Meet your candidates behind CV in 1st stage of process! With our VIDEO INTERVIEWING software, recruiters and managers can screen more candidates, putting aside boring phone screening interviews and giving them new #recruitmentexperience with video. Live Jobs - Video Interview Sofware is #1 innovative Portuguese Job platform using Video technology to HIRING.

We help recruiters by making your recruitment process more easy, transparent and powerful. Our recorded interviews add speed to your hiring process! 

Our CV Tracking tool will turn processes that until now were time-consuming and tedious into something more fun without the need for installations or downloads.

How to Invite Candidates?

✅Add Job offer + your key recruitment questions + emails of candidates

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✅Candidates receive email invitation with your brand to answer all your recruitment questions in video using our Software (or APP) anytime and anywhere.

✅Recruiters and managers receive all video interviews replies, give feedback, rate and Invite for next step just TOP candidates. 

The asynchronous video interview system by Live Jobs - Video Interview Software lets you invite all your candidates do make a video interview and you can review, comment and rate all candidates in a few minutes. With video interviewing, candidates can complete the interview from the comfort of their own home, reducing stress and making the process more enjoyable. Video Interview Systems can be too a powerful tool in enhancing the candidate experience.

For example, by using video in your job postings, interviews, office tours, feedback, and onboarding, you can show candidates that you’re a company that’s willing to go the extra mile to attract and retain the best talent. So why not give it a try? There are multiple reasons for using a video as part of your recruitment strategy. 

Sign up for free today! livejobs@livejobs.pt or select one of the planwithout monthly fees, credit cards, contracts or fees! Use the available credits and all the features of our Platform as you see fit for as long as you want.


Rui Parafita - CEO

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