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Interview software built for recruiting

Live Jobs - Video Interview Software is the all-in-one screening, scheduling and interview collaboration platform built for recruiters, candidates and talent partners.
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Since 2018, we have been a reference in the way we approach recruitment in Portugal and beyond. We developed our own interview software just for the purpose of making recruiting process more fun, transparent and professional with our video technology.

If until now the first interviews were carried out by phone or by skype, zoom or similar, our technology has changed the way hundreds of candidates respond to job offers or invitations from recruiters from anywhere in the world and at any time and that is be different. Live Jobs - Video Interview Software helps recruiting teams give more candidates a chance and delivers a personalized hiring experience – so they can hire better candidates, reduce time to hire, and automate redundant tasks for a better employer brand.

Our recorded interviews add speed to your hiring process! On-demand video is 6x faster than phone interviews because candidates can complete interviews at their own pace.

-   With our APP recruiters can see videos over and over again; 

-   Easy feedback: Gives timely, relevant feedback to every candidate; 

-   Random question allocation: Delivers a fair and consistent experience.

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, companies are increasingly turning to digital interview solutions as Live Jobs - Video Interview Software

If you’re considering increasing digital interviews at your organization, here are some key ways that they can help you keep your recruiting process up and running during these unprecedented times. Digital interviews can make your interview process seamless even if your team is working from home. 

Scheduling in-person interviews can take a lot of coordination but they’re also a great way to get to know candidates and introduce them to your team. Digital interviewing can make this process easier by allowing candidates and team members to dial in from various locations, preserving the importance of a face-to-face interview while offering added flexibility for both candidates and hiring managers. 

Digital interviews can also be a great way to showcase your employer brand by allowing you to record personalized videos that give candidates an overview of your company and get them excited about the opportunity. Above all, these types of interviews can help you engage with candidates authentically while highlighting the most important parts of your company culture. 

Digital interviews can offer you a great way to continue recruiting even during volatile times. And with an 80% completion rate, they can improve your time-to-hire and help you sustainably grow your team.

For more information and tips on video interviews, book a demo todaylivejobs@livejobs.pt or select one of the plans without monthly fees, contracts or fees! Use the available credits and all the features of our Platform as you see fit for as long as you want.


Rui Parafita - CEO

Live Jobs - Video Interview Software ®

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