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Know your candidates behind your CVs

Live Jobs - Video Interview Software Video Recruitment Specialists in Portugal & Angola
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We develop cutting-edge video recruitment technology. A fun and personalized approach to getting to know your candidates.

All in one

We know that it is increasingly difficult to attract candidates, which is why we offer video interviews that allow you to engage with any candidate, anywhere and anytime ☺

Take advantage of the flexibility of the Live Jobs Platform - Video Interview Software to invite your candidates to video interview on our Platform using our unique tool: #CVTRACKING at any time or you can use for free our #videojobads tool to promote your job ads in #VIDEO

Providing one of the industry's most powerful APIs to seamlessly connect our platform to any other platform.

Do you recognize that?

Many organizations miss time-saving innovations.

About our prices:

Our Platform has no monthly obligations, our customers buy a PLAN build one that satisfies them and use their credits as they wish for as long as they want.

No contracts, no asterisks, no monthly fees or fees.

Contact us for a personalized pricing proposal that meets your needs. We want you to make the most of our platform to find as many candidates as possible without restriction, day after day.

In Live Jobs - Video Interview Software Platform unlimited means:

►   You can interview everything to do as many interviews as you need;

►   Unlimited support included for candidates and recruiters; 

►  All inclusive - you always get the full Live Jobs Platform - Video Interview Software;

►   Open access to our Live Jobs #API.

Contact us and meet our team of programming and development experts if you are looking for a platform that is at the forefront of video recruitment in Portugal or Angola, or anywhere in the world using our API.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

To know more about digital interviews, please contact us: livejobs@livejobs.pt

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