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Speed recruitment with on-demand video interviews

Live Jobs - Video Interview Software reduces the need for phone screens, scheduling and face-to-face meetings. Our system allows multiple stakeholders to review, rate and comment on individual candidates video interviews.
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Make your recruiting process remarkably easy and give a great first impression by letting your candidates attend video interviews on their mobile devices. Instantly engage potential hires with your brand through job preview videos, banners, messaging, color themes, and assessments that get them excited about your organization from their first interaction to day 1.

Clashing schedules with hiring manager to meet candidates  can now be a thing of the past! 

It takes less than five minutes to create an asynchronous video interview and invite candidates. Conducting a video interview lets you avoid multiple screening rounds and see more candidates in less time.

We are here to  help organisations drive better recruitment outcomes through the combined use of screening, interviewing and applicant management, all while avoiding unconscious bias and unfair hiring.

Both large and small employers and recruiters have found that our solution is the ideal solution to reducing the time to hire and making interviews accessible to candidates wiht a easy and powerfull video interviewing tecnology. With Live Jobs - Video Interview Software, location of candidates and differing time zones are no longer an issue. 

1.   Make your first round of screening 80% faster with on-demand video interviews

2.   Gauge soft skills, body language, and culture fit early in the process

3.   Reduce time and resources spent on interviewing by up to 70%

More than 70% of candidates believe that video interviews are the most valuable tool for helping them stand out in the hiring process! With out waste time in 1st stage of process.

A seamless video interviewing experience, and a really great way to showcase personality of candidates putting aside the long and bad CV's that recruiters sometimes end up throwing them in the trash. Our video interviewing provides a standardised, structured and equal interview process, ensuring a fair and consistent process for all candidates.

Our platform is completely mobile optimised, allowing both candidates and employers to access the platform from any device, anywhere in the world. 

Is unrivalled video interviewing software, allows you to streamline your recruitment process and find the perfect candidate, all while saving you time and money. You can relax knowing that our Portugal support team is here to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year regardless of the location of your company or the location of your candidates.

Talk to one of our video screening recruitment experts today!


Or select one of the planwithout monthly fees, credit cards, contracts or fees! Use the available credits and all the features of our Platform as you see fit for as long as you want.


Rui Parafita - CEO

Live Jobs - Video Interview Software ®

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