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What is asynchronous video interview and how to use it in recruitment?

This month we are celebrating our 5th anniversary! Live Jobs - Video Interview Software is changing the way high-volume recruiters screen all their candidates. Our video interview platform in the last 5 years did more than 2900 video interviews successfully!
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At the end of the 5th year we think that once again it is important to understand the advantages of using asynchronous video interviews in recruitment, eliminating 1st (boring) calls to candidates and scheduling efforts between candidates, recruiters and managers that slow down the hiring process.

Our asynchronous video interview system give the flexibility to your candidates to attend video interviews at your own convenience, anytime, anywhere. 

Recruiters define all key recruitment questions and invite via e-mail all candidates and candidates respond on the video to questions from recruiters. The recruitment team can review their response at a later time before providing feedback or notifying candidates for the next phase of the selection process.

How do asynchronous video interviews work?

The key to one-way videos is flexibility! Candidates use audio or video to answer a series of questions and, through this interviewing method, candidates record interviews on their own schedule.

This is asynchronous video interviewing’s finest aspect. Accessibility is better than ever with the simplicity of a smartphone or computer. Because of this, candidates with busy schedules frequently favor the one-way video interview procedure over other alternatives.

Employers also gain greatly from it, saving time, effort, and money on massive recruitment efforts with just a simple email or text.

Here are some steps to effectively utilize our easy asynchronous video interviewing:

Step 1: Designing key questions 

To fully evaluate candidates, recruiters should develop before a list of key questions that are specific to each role. 

Step 2: Invite candidates to the video interview

With Live Jobs - Video Interview Software you can extend invitations to candidates for interviews using our cv tracking tool. Candidates receive email invitation with your brand to answer to all your recruitment questions in video using our Software (or APP) anytime and anywhere.

Step 3: Receive all video interviews replies

In few minutes recruiters and managers receive all video interviews replies, give feedback, rate and Invite for next step just TOP candidates. 

Benefits of asynchronous video interviews

1. Replacing phone interviews

Conducting job interviews takes time, and employers hope for a faster method of hiring. This is where asynchronous video interviewing comes into action.

It provides a speedier approach to connecting with a potential employee and is simpler to obtain. They save you time and bypass drawn-out phone conversations with unsuitable candidates.

Within the first few minutes, you might get a sense of their suitability, but you might not have the tools to respectfully end the encounter. Before going on to the next step of the hiring process, one-way video interviews help you swiftly weed out the “bad” candidates.

2. Shorten the interview length thus speeding the process

Once you’ve chosen the questions you want to ask the applicants, put them on the hiring tool and watch for responses. Theoretically, ten asynchronous video interviews may be completed in the same amount of time as one face-to-face interview.

When they’re finished, you can study the interviews whenever you choose and however, you see fit.

3. Filter out the wrong candidates

You won’t need to approach a candidate for additional interviews if they don’t possess the necessary skills and attributes. As a result, you can interview fewer candidates in the future.

4. Increases ability to connect with remote employees

Not every employment requires the applicant to reside in close proximity. In this digital age, remote work is increasingly common, thus conducting remote video interviews makes sense. For instance, virtual assistants may live halfway around the world from their employers. You may easily and readily communicate with applicants from anywhere using one-way video interviews.

5. Solves the scheduling problems

On weekdays, candidates might have to attend recruitment interviews during regular working hours. This suggests that an employee will need to come up with a justification for missing work in order to attend the interview.

However, scheduling constraints are no longer an issue if you decide to do one-way video interviews. As a result, more candidates apply because they can complete the interview whenever it’s most convenient for them.

6. Easy candidate comparison

Candidates often have a certain length of time to respond to each question in one-way video interviews. Within that time, they must respond with their best effort.

Simply compare the answers to each question and then decide which of the candidates you want to contact back, rating them according to how appropriate they were.


Additionally, our system also provides other features:

Job Advertisement:

Similar with Monster, Indeed or other job portal's. In Live Jobs - Video Interview Software sompanies post Jobs offers and Candidates replay in Video. Works Like Inded or Monster But with Video.

JobADS in Video:

Recruiters can publish job offers via video! Instead of boring, long job descriptions written texts.

Video call system:

Schedule interviews with candidates and add teammates to video call.

Analytics tool:

Recruiters can rate and hire faster with our analytics tool.

Sign up for free today! livejobs@livejobs.pt or select one of the planwithout monthly fees, credit cards, contracts or fees! Use the available credits and all the features of our Platform as you see fit for as long as you want.


Rui Parafita - CEO

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