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Smart Energy Lab is a Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) that aims to fill an existing gap in the academic/industrial ecosystem in the energy field, more specifically in the downstream side of the energy value chain.

Smart Energy Lab has a unique combination of science, technology and industry in the energy sector, in order to create innovative products and services that will improve life for all of us.

The research and innovation agenda of this CoLAB focuses on developing and converging knowledge on key industry verticals along with multi-disciplinary core competences horizontals:

a) Industry Verticals: Distributed Energy Resources Management; Energy Management; Flexibility; Storage; Mobility;

b) Horizontals: Engineering; IoT; Hardware and Software; Big Data and Artificial Intelligence; Cybersecurity; Service Design and Design Thinking; UX/UI.

The CoLAB consists of two industrial associates: EDP Comercial and Accenture and five non-industrial associates: Instituto Superior Técnico, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, University de Coimbra, INESC TEC and INESC-ID

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Smart Energy Lab

Smart Energy Lab

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